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Prototype (+1)
Apple Prototype
Apple Design
Apple Released
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Prototype and Design

Apple Prototype
Apple Design
Apple Released
Apple Prototype (+1)
(85) updated 12/06/05
True Prototypes made by Apple
and some other designer
Apple Design (+18)
(810) updated 22/04/07
3D Designer prototype
and projects design drawing
Apple Released (+)
(72) updated 05/08/02
1st pictures about some released
and personal design on Mac's

Others Prototype
Misc. Design
Others Released
Others Prototype (+)
(117) updated 25/11/01
True Prototypes made by Various
Company's and some other designer
Misc. Design (+)
(29) updated 20/07/03
3D Designer prototype
and projects design drawing
Others Released (+)
(52) updated 24/08/03
1st pictures about
some released computers

Design Books
Design Books
A selection of books about
computer design and technology
MobilePhone (+)
(37) updated 10/02/02
The latest Mobile Phone
Design and Prototypes


see the result of the Contest of ComputerBench at Apple Expo Paris



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