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Tor Rafsol Loseth, a computer science student in Bergen, Norway
Apple Mayhem, for the Emerging Tech Conference 2003

Apple 30th Anniversary Special
Shu and his tattoo

What parent forced him to do this?
After being a 15-year Apple user...

Incubus1968 Tattoo
my new appletattoo... From: Danilatore

I got this tattoo for my wife 1 week before we got married. We got married on April 1st 2006, Apple's 30th anniversary. The letters are my wife's new initials. Her parents did not give her a middle name so I gave her one. APPLE! Check out my podcast Darrin Dishong's Drive Home at
From Darrin Dishong
So, I finally got my tattoo... Isn't she hot???

LOL !!! Now, I am officially a Bishop in the Cult of Mac... soon to be the Pope!!! From: Henry Soria


From an apple lover, that is my tattoo on my arm
I'm Riccardo, 29 y/o from Rome (Italy) and I'm Mac user since 1995... Never used a PC!!!
My PirateMac tat - Hackers symbol.
Tom Doucette

Heres my Apple Tat done on 2/9/06
From: Norman Hart
In the area I live I'm known as a real Apple fan and people have been calling me crazy when I recently got this Apple tattoo ;)
Ina, Germany

I recently got an Apple logo tattoo on my left outside ankle! have to show it off!
From Mike Cordes
Neck Tattoo
From: Ph00k4

I'm am a Mac Zealot and could not think of a better thing to do then to display it for the rest of my life.
Mike Kline / Lexington, KY

"This is my Apple logo tattoo on my right forearm. I got it in June 2005. I've been an Apple User/Fan EXCLUSIVELY since 1982."
Jason R. Bingham a.k.a. The Man From Titan from Germany
From Micha

Notthing more i Love in this world more the Mac and My Son Ethan so why not have a tattto with both in one.
From : John Rigby

See my new tatoo ;-)
Emmanuel Herbelet, France
I´d like to share the photo of my apple tattoo. I did it in 2001. All of my friends say that I am crazy doing that. From : Micha

I know I'm not the only one with a Mac tattoo, but I was so excited about my new tattoo, that I had to share it with all the Mac fans/geeks out there. Here's a picture of me and my new Apple tattoo that I just got yesterday. From Ricardo Lopez.
Source : Spymac

Source :

My new apple "power" tattoo! From Taeki
My Apple Tattoo. Received on January 24, 2004. From Shu Chow

From Bunny Shoes
From Arthur Mosh

Taeki's Tattoo

Seen on
from RoberTvh

See MacNyt
See Spymac

This was my second tattoo and it was done on air in 2001 on KFI AM 640 Los Angeles... see

Wow, this guy is crazy. That's a real Apple tattoo on the back of his neck... see

See Spymac

See Spymac

From Marc Soto

click to enlarge
We both got Apple logos when we were on vaccation last month.
Full story at SpyMac

click to enlarge
I have had my Finder OS tat for several years.
From Steve Panzica

My Sad Mac
My Sad Mac (click to enlarge)
from Shon Taylor
I got my apple tattoo on my lower back
for my 21st birthday in 2001. from Natrasha


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