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The Mac Aquariums

All Links have been updated or corrected !
Bob's Macquarium is the result of over fifteen years of "hard" work and "continual" progress. I knew at the instant a coworker gave me the shell of a Macintosh in 1991 that I wanted to construct an aquarium out of it. The result is a Macquarium that shows off the signatures molded on the interior of the case... there is a full writeup at clarkwood's and a gallery. From Bob...

From Hong Kong Mac user. I made a MacQuarium with my old 20" studio display.

more pictures here...
By accident some time ago I came across a mackintosh plus box on an internet auction, for an overwhelming amount of 0.25$. The description said that its prepared for a macquarium. Started to look on the internet for some more info on this concept and came across your site, and a few other of course. Being and aquarist (I keep Malawi cichlids) I decided to build such a fish tank. I took some chipboard planks from the basement, an old glass pane found at the garbage (somebody threw out an old window) and got off to work. The lighting is made of leds, mostly white, but with a touch of blue, red and yellow. More click here...
Igor Musial (from Poland)

From Benny Valencia
I made my own Mac Aquarium. I used plexiglass, 4.7mm. I made a box out of cardboard first. Behind the plexiglass box I used plastic film with underwater decorations. Stones in the bottom and plastic plants. I made a hole on top which I covered with a black plastic net. ( very small holes in the net ). On top, under the net, is a flourescent light ( 5W ) which can be turned on by a switch installed under the monitor. I wanted to turn the light on with a mouse but that would be very complicated, but it’s possible. In the back of the monitor, inside, behind the aquarium, I installed the pump. It’s very nice! Very unique! I still have 3 old monitors which I can use to make an aquarium. Everybody loves it.
From: Donald Olbino Curacao

my Mac Acquarium that I made from an old Blue and White Monitor. I custom made the tank myself, after carefully measuring the dimensions and making a prototype out of cardboard. The screen still is capable of rotating but I placed a few screws underneath to prevent it from tilting forwards and backwards for obvious reasons. more click here was created to address the lack of substantive iMacquarium instructions online. Most iMacquarium sites have long since vanished, leaving a few pictures, dead links and no plans or tips. I was very frustrated by this lack, so when I made my own iMacquarium, I decided to use
the opportunity to remedy the situation.
One-of-a-kind Mac Aquarium. I was thrilled to see all the images of Mac aquariums. I made this sculpture about 10 years ago. It has a 5" TV monitor submerged in bubbling liquid, with DVD playback. In addition to this image, I also have some short video clips of the sculpture in action.
From Marque Cornblatt.
Michael Gustafson
Michael lives in an early iteration of The Matrix, a purely digital environment. It's run off of a Mac IIcx buried in Tom's basement, but because of the machine's underpowered video card, everything is pixelated.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.

Joel Stein
Joel Stein has finally answered the question we all have been asking: what the hell do we're supposed do with those old plastic Apple mousepads we've accumulated over the years: use 'em as MacQuarium backdrops! Since they're plastic, when they get wet they won't get all funky like cloth mousepads would.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
Ed Tech
The Ed Tech MacQuarium is a departmental tank in the University of Rochester's Educational Technology group. The faux menu bar at the top of the screen cutout is a nice touch, but what Dr. Webster is curious about is why there appears to be a picture of Rudy Giuliani in a zoot suit behind the tank.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
Ron Cox
Ron's MacQuarium was the first reader submission whcih employed the Dr. Webster plans. It looks like Ron did quite a good job, especially in getting the crab to pose for the camera.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
NK Computers
This is the first Power Mac 5200 aquarium I've seen, and it sure looks good.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.

Jem Dowse
I was trying to think of something funny to say about how Jem misspelled "MacQuarium" but failed utterly. Sorry.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
Michael Carroll
Bettas are great fish for MacQuariums, and Mike here has a vibrant red one.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
David Dameron
David went with an old standby, the Mac Plus. It also looks like he built an air pump into an old floppy disk drive case. Good work!
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
Dirk Brewer
With a little care, any old compact Mac can make for a great MacQuarium, including a beat-up Mac Plus.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.

Cate & Kevin Byers
Kevin & Cate Byers put a little ingenuity into designing the lighting apparatus for their MacQuarium. Two nightlights, a 3-socket swiveling adapter, and an extension cord installed inside a custom enclosure provides a great glow inside the tank.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
Yoni Platt
Yoni Platt went all retro with his MacQuarium and made it out of a Mac 128k case. He executed the rope light installation beautifully, although I do believe that the blue colored light will confuse the hell out of the fish.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
Steven Harris
Steven would have made a MacQuarium if his cat hadn't decided the Mac would make a better litter box.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
Ray Irving
The rope light in the back makes for a cool effect in a dark room.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.

Gibran Salomão
Gibran Salomão is from Brazil (or Brasília, as they call it), hence the funny little squiggly above the second "a" in his last name. The MacQuarium he made, however, doesn't appear to be too squiggly though, and it sports a nifty top-mounted light box.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
Mitch Leung
Mitch Leung has apparently done a good job with his Mac SE MacQuarium. I inquired as to why the tank is only filled three-fourths of the way and he replied that if it were filled any more his fish would jump out.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
Eric Notarnicola
In order to fund his MacQuarium project, Eric agreed to replace his last name with that of the Not Arni Cola soft drink company. Way to go!
Full story & large image at Applefritter.
Stephen Abbene
When Stephen first e-mailed me with this submission, I jokingly called him a cheater because all he did was stick a fishbowl inside a Mac case. He replied that the whole MacQuarium cost him $6 and a trip to Wal-Mart--not bad after all.
Full story & large image at Applefritter.

Jackson Macquarium
click on picture to enlarge
No Fish Tale: Swimming in Macs
Some animal lovers stuff a beloved pet when it dies. Mac fans convert dead machines into fish tanks.
Full story at Wired.
Allen die hier komen naar aanleiding van het artikel in de MacFan of via
diverse nieuwspagina's, zullen weten wat een MacQuarium is.

Voor wie dat niet weet verwijzen we naar de 'Wat' pagina.

Greetz, MacFrits & MacMiep
From and see macmiep.
Well, this was my own little personal challenge. I took a blue old broken monitor and turned into a very nice aquarium, if I can say so myself :)
But the most interesting thing is that I documented all the process from the begining for all of you out there who would like to be challenged. Enjoy!
From and see Malakath.

James Macquarium
I just completed my first Macquarium, so here is a photo of it in my college room.
From James Polson
G4 CubeQuarium
Here's a fun little case project I did, I thought people might like to check out. I turned my Cube's case into a realy slick aquarium.
Just finished my first macquarium!
from Emily Nielson.

It uses motorized magnets which push the fish around
(not real fish of course)

This is what i did with a Macintosh Classic II that i bought for 10 dollars that was dead. i ripped out the guts and turned it into a hampster cage! btw i named the hampster Lisa
SpyMac new
My Oscar died yesterday, so I decided to toss out the old fishtank and finish my macquarium project. Well, here it is.

We're Bob (black) and Pam (orange) and we've been living in a macquarium for over two months now. We really love it, it's very well decorated and we have a great view !
What to do with an old iMac
MacQuarium for sale
MacQuarium Plus

Two-Page MacQuarium
Aquaria by Jim
Aquaria by Jim
Aquaria by Jim
Aquaria by Jim


Marton Belak's !!!
Marton Belak's

The Nick's Fish
The Nick's Fish
The mAcquarium
The Nick's Fish
The Nick's Fish
The mAcquarium

Color Classic Forever
Ben's MacQuarium
The Macquarium
from Standage
Ben's MacQuarium
The Macquarium
from standage

The St. Thomas !!!
Macquarium Datadudes
Aquaria by Jim
The St. Thomas
Macquarium Datadudes
Aquaria by Jim

Sure, the iMac makes a great fish tank. But that all-in-one design is nothing new, right? Dr. Webster's guide to the Mac Plus tankMacQuarium is a comprehensive site detailing how to turn your old beige beauty into a habitat for your halibut. (

What, exactly, is a MacQuarium? Well, simply enough, it is an aquarium made out of an old "compact" Macintosh. Some say it's the ultimate screensaver.

And so, here we have everything you need to know about how to build a MacQuarium, set it up, outfit it with various objects (like fish), elementary fish care, your final product, downloads of miscellaneous files and photographs, the ways you can get a hold of us, other MacQuarium sites, and our apologies to various individuals. We also offer alternates to aquariumization, such as the MacTerrarium, Mac Planter, or Mac Lamp.

MacQuarium Links updated

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The Original MacQuarium
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