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From iPodDaily

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I like to call it the "toaster" see

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What a hot car is, Mac Cube is. see

Taylor's license plate reads,"MAC TIGR;" a tribute to both the Mac and his RV, the Tiger XL. All of the license plates for his three vehicles begin with "MAC." See full story at

Here is my new license plate that says it all in this time of Apple prosperity:

Why not a Mac?

From :

We're Speechless 23 Feb 2000 08:00 EST

From Go2Mac fanatic (obviously) Kenneth Gill comes this snap shot of his Toyota truck tag.

Go2Mac plate
Did I mention we're speechless?


Standards in space offer the same advantages as standards on the earth's internet.

The InterPlaNet project also looks to put an end to long transmission delays and intermittent data links that plague NASA's deep-space communications. Hooke says the Internet is much more robust than NASA's existing communications systems. "We have to deal with errors and outages on a scale that is seldom encountered in today's Internet."
[It is also noted] that NASA engineers and scientists who control mission spacecraft and payloads would be able to communicate with Internet-readied spacecraft using familiar Web-based tools.

Source : Space Adapted TCP/IP Planned, 03 Sep 99 13:24 EST, O'Grady's

Chronicle Internet Services Crew
see MacAddict


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