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I'm a recent product decent graduate and also a Mac lover. For my final degree project I designed and made a working prototype of the iDesk.

The desk designed specifically for the new iMac, has pivoting shelfs for scanner , printer and mouse to allow use by left handed users. All the wiring runs inside the desk so you just plug each product straight in to the shelf via usb or firewire and also power. The top disc just below the iMac allows the user to easily access all digital products like digital camera, ipod, digital video recorder etc, by simply turning the disc whilst the products are plugged in.

At present I am looking into getting the concept taken further and maybe into production. For any information on it, interested in one for yourself? or to tell me your views please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to see more of the iDesk please visit
from : John Treby


Created : September 14, 1999
Last updated : August 11, 2002