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Timex "iMac" Alarm Clock Pictures!

Thanks to Tom Baird and Ross A. Reyman for sending us some wonderful pics of the "iMac-style" Timex Alarm clocks! According to Tom:

I was at Fry's in Sunnyvale, CA last week and came across a Timex alarm clock that is a spitting-image of the Rev. C iMacs - it comes in Blueberry, Grape, Lime and Strawberry (no Tangerine there). It looks identical in shape an coloration - the only difference being the white is metallic silver. It even has a circular speaker where the handle on the real iMac is located.

Thanks for sending us the pics Tom! Maybe this whole iMac color thing is taking over the world, eh? We'll just have to wait for an iMac style TV set then, hehe...

Source :

I picked up one of these clocks at Hasting's Music/Book/Video store in Norman, Oklahoma for $20. It is made for TIMEX by SDI Technologies, Inc. Their website is (Not that I could find the product there or at the TIMEX site.) It is a nice little clock that looks A LOT like an iMac it is even available in different colors. (Red, Green and Blue) Thought you might be interested in it. If you have any questions about it that I don't cover here let me know and I will answer what I can. The picture is a scan of the packaging the clock was sold in. From


Created : December 10, 1998
Last updated : December 5, 1999