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Le MacArtable from Jaussi

Chainsaw ice carving (apple logo).
Damn it's cold in Boston! From Jeff Mathews

From Christa...

Halloween 2004 - see

Halloween 2004 - see

Halloween 2004 - see

Halloween 2004 - see

IPM Radio live at Delozier Dungeon! - see

IPM Radio live at Delozier Dungeon! - see

ZeCube - see

ZePowerSuitcase - see

Tired iPod shuffle
see iPodLounge

Relax iPod shuffle
see iPodLounge

the BIG iPod shuffle
see iPodLounge

Charlton's Newton in the Odette Sculpture Park, Windsor, Ontario.
The sculpture is Eve's Apple by Edwina Sandys.
Photo: Courtesy of John Charlton - WIRED

See for full story
SVMMac Wi-Fi from

I decided to be an iPod for Halloween this year. Full story at jwinick..

At Rittners Floral School We Love Our Apple Computers!!!! Seen on

How I made the iPod mini Costume for the 2004 NYC Halloween Parade @

"No, really. Just hit 'menu.'" @

Billionaire Halloween Masks
Seen on

Apple enters the Halloween
costume market with the iNerd.
Seen on Lasvegasmercury...

Apple Embroidery on Spymac

Seen on

Freundschaft seen on Spymac

Seen on Spymac...

Fan de Mac ! more pictures on

Full story and more pictures on

Apple Store Chicago from Spymac

Sweet lampshade on Spymac

see Computer Key Rings @ Marché Noir...

My Awesome MiniMac Setup - full story at SpyMac

Think Different Early - full story at SpyMac

iRoning by Trinity-of-One: Stylish, functional, it even hangs afterwards.
Full strory at worth1000

Original look of the pyramids at Giza? Maybe. Those Egyptians were quite the visionaries. They knew what was worth worshipping - even in the afterlife.
Full strory at worth1000

MacSkull by tiddlycove. Typical skull structure of the average Graphic Artist. It is not uncommon for a Graphic Artist to adopt a hairstyle that hides his leaf.
Full strory at worth1000

Full strory at worth1000

Hallowpod - Attack of the Pod People,
full story at SpyMac

Hiroglyphs by lefthand.
Full strory at worth1000

Halloween with iPod - full story at SpyMac

Apple Lego Logo - full story at SpyMac

Apple Embroidered Patch

MacCouche - full story at Tsumakin

Squarepusher - walk - full story at SpyMac

Full story at MacBidouille

Lego iMac - full story at SpyMac

Apple Store Chicago
full story at SpyMac

Apple Support Center
Uitgeest (near Alkmaar), NL
full story at SpyMac

Apple Store Chicago
full story at SpyMac

Apple Store Chicago
1week before opening
full story at SpyMac

Apple Store Chicago

full story at SpyMac

Full story at SpyMac
Full story at SpyMac

Full strory at worth1000
Full story at SpyMac
Full story at SpyMac

Full story at SpyMac
Full story at SpyMac

Full story at SpyMac
Full story at SpyMac

Full story at SpyMac
"Popular Electronics" JANUARY 1980
Full story at

Full story at SpyMac
"Popular Electronics" DECEMBER 1981
Full story at

See for full story

Utility PB G4
Full story at SpyMac

Full story at SpyMac

Full story at SpyMac

Full story at SpyMac

Full story at WIRED

Lego iMac 2002 - full story see SpyMac

Lego Macs 2002 - full story see SpyMac

Ti Fighter

WAnother Star Wars approach.

Source : SpyMac
What to do with a dead Airport basestation?
Beautify your home of course!

Source : drsoos

Both the stormtrooper and the powerbook have been photoshopped into our office toilet!
by Lampila, see SpyMac
Full story see SpyMac
This was my milk-warmer

click the picture to enlarge

   MacSkinz add the perfect touch to the already beautiful industrial design of the Apple Macintosh G3 and G4 computer. They fit like a glove and no compromise has been made when it comes to materials or craftsmanship. They should outlast the life of your machine.
There are many designs to choose from. We offer everything from radical Hot-Rod Flames to a more personal skin that displays your own photos. You can purchase a clear skin and paint it yourself or send us your company logo so you can cover all the machines in your office. What better way to impress your client!

click to enlarge
The Old Mac That Went to Pot
Giving new meaning to the term high tech, a couple of stoners have turned an old Macintosh into a bong. "Agapornis" and "Prozac," a pair of 29-year-old computer nerds from Austin, Texas, traded chips for hits when they transformed an old all-in-one Mac into a device for smoking marijuana. See WIRED

click to enlarge, from L a r r y B a r b e r a

Some Mac-loving kids fishing for free stuff at Macworld say they aren't all that impressed by the wares on display.
High-end graphics programs are hard to use -- here at Macworld, you can get brief tutorials of virtually everything.
full story see

Tim Gulick

I had to share this with you, because I think it's hysterical. A coworker of mine kept mentioning how the new G4 Cube, looks like a tissue box. So I was inspired. I only spent a few minutes on this one, so if you were to decide to use it in your gallery, I'd like to do a more refined version. But I think you will get the idea. I'm using it as my desktop picture at the moment.

from : MacAddict & click to enlage the picture

from MacPlus, the eclips of August 1999
(true picture)

from Stéphane Lecourbe click to enlarge

Album List : Miniatures
Quarter Scale Apple House....Soooo cute.

David Nettleton,III : Ice Art 1999
worm peaking from apple

from MacFormat Magazine

from MacFormat Magazine


from MacFormat Magazine

Macs RuleWhile I occasionally receive a disgruntled email from a reader, never has one been as anti-Mac as the one I received yesterday. Simply stating that "Macs suck" over and over, I was initially fuming, then something about the email domain looked familiar. A quick search of my out-box revealed that the email was from my buddy down the street, a Windows guru. I'm sure he felt he had the last laugh - until he went to get his snail-mail and saw his driveway!

Source : ResExcellence 7/5/00

6100 Coffee Table

6100 Tower of Power

Source & Large view : schalliol

more various pictures...


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