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iPod shuffle Cake - See

24... @ Spymac

Just one more - See Tramahound

iPod Wedding Cake - See

iPod mini Wedding Cake - See

Bread computer - See

Already done by assmosis and colquit: @

This is my birthday cake made by my grandparents... @ Spymac

Ideal cake for someone in the office to share with their team or for the home computer enthusiast. @

Julebageri @ MacNyt

Apple cake from Dolcitalia

Apple cake from Dolcitalia

Apple cake from Dolcitalia

Apple cake from Dolcitalia

Apple cake from Dolcitalia

Apple cake from Dolcitalia

Apple cake from Dolcitalia

Apple cake from Dolcitalia

Seen on Macnyt...

The Mac at 20 from Spymac

Made from crap, see Spymac

The Apple Cake, see Spymac

iCake, see Michael 2k

... ee had lunch and Margarita even baked me an iCake... see

Die iMac-Torte, full strory at

Hello again, cream & strawberry cake in Japan... see (eng)

Rainbow Apple cake, full strory at (eng)

Photos from 3/99 Meeting
The 200 portions cake that 100 of us devoured in minutes... see

MacFriends 10th 2 time regular meetin
Full strory at

Mac Valentine
Mac Valentine : my boss gave everybody cookies for valentine's day this year, this was mine, quite impressive, I thought. The scribbling along the bottom is my name. From Cameron Hanover

Apple Donuts by Terrence
Full strory at worth1000

I know it's cliche, but how can one properly discuss donuts without including Homer? He's done more for the donut than all policemen combined. Full strory at worth1000

Apple Donut by mcdj18. 40 giga bites.
Full strory at worth1000

Cake - full story at SpyMac

My birthday cake - full story at SpyMac

A somewhat different apple logo - full story at SpyMac

My cake - full story at SpyMac

My Junior High Graduation Cake from 1984 - full story at SpyMac

This is my Apple Cake made from my Girlfriend to my 22 Birthday!!
From Guiboud Marcel

MacMars - full story at SpyMac

"This christmas i made my very own gingerbread Mac.
I was so excited i wet myself" - Full story at SpyMac

iCake - full story at SpyMac
iCake - full story at SpyMac

click to enlarge
Here is a picture of a Jaguarcake specialy I made for the macmeeting 2002 in Wiesbaden/Germany! From Elena Böhme

Apple Pie Ad - full story at SpyMac

See SpyMac for full story and comments....

The Jaguar Genius Pizza! see

An Adaptation of stoffels burger
i didn't make this votable in the contest because the idea was stoffels. i just wanted to post my version of the same idea. Thanks for the inspiration stoffel! Full story at

McTunes? Eat Different? - full story at SpyMac


PB Cake
Happy Birthay Steven.
from see large view

This cake only needed to serve 50 people so only the top half of the computer monitor is actually cake. The keyboard, mouse, and the covering on the entire computer is fondant icing. The keyboard and mouse do have a Styrofoam base to support that icing. Nothing like having a new iMac computer and eating it to. Top view from the back for the final view of this fun grooms cake.

Source :


PB Cake
Here's a picture of a powerbook cake that i made for my art class in school.
from see large view

A Xmas gingerbread "house" I got some years ago
A Birthday cake I got some years ago
Enar Persson, Böle, Sweden -


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Last updated : April 17, 2005

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