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Apple Commercials From 1984 to Present

96+5+ new new movies, not sorted yet...

Think different Campain

13 Movies
Classic Commercials

45 Movies
iMac & iBook

22 Movies

7 Movies
Cost Less, Does More Series

12 Movies
What's On Your Powerbook Series

14 Movies
Apple Parody Commercials

8 Movies

7 Movies
PowerMac The Future (Series)

8 Movies
Apple //gs Commercials

5 Movies
Misc. Movies
18 Movies
Performa (Series)

4 Movies
More Classic Commercials

17 Movies

4 Movies
Switching to Mac
12 Movies +4

We have 188+96+8+5 = 297 movies


These Are The Highest Quality Movies We Know Of!
Most Movies Were Recorded Using A Preview Version Of QuickTime 3.x-5.x.

NOTE:  Trying to view QT3.0 movies with an earlier version of QuickTime will yield only audio. The files are good, you just need a newer version of QuickTime. If You Know Of Any Movies That We Don't Have, Please, Let Us Know. Or, If You Know Of A Better Version, Let Us Know. We Would Like To Have Every Movie In Any Size. You can send it to us by email attachments! So send in your collections!


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Created : May 9, 1999
Last updated : July 22, 2002